.. has opened up another world of possibilities


nay scanner that works proper

so obviously i havn’t posted in a couple of months

i havn’t forgotten about this site, it’s because the new scanner i picked up on the cheap doesn’t wanrt to link with my computer, but then when it does it has the shittest interface ever to work with, no options at all, dumb

so i’m investing in a new baaaaadboy, the epson perfection V700, can even scan 8″x10″ negs, epic, even surpassing the quality of some drum scanners, so yeah, i’ll be up and rolling real soon, maybe a month away?

awesome, come back and visit again, as i have rolls upon rolls of film to scan to put on here…


summer sun friday lunchtime business

fort lizzane


Crnr of Queens and Customs




finishing a roll that i used with a tilt shift lens, got entirely on the vertical scroll with it, my new trend

north head wanders

ah the new favourite, stared at this image for hours


this image trips me out everytime i look at it, dunno, crazy bulge in the middle, woah, yeah


guts, didn’t see that post inthe middle through the viewvinder, bloody rangefinders… oh wells

My home, the CBD

evening tower


panoramic views

the view out my bedroom window, boxey

chillin with squigs

metro higs


GL seshwaan

queen st random

stairway to kareoke

had a couple patrons glare me out while i took this, cool

arch hill pre 8am


out of sight, out of mind


old but new

this window used to be covered in stickers and tags, ages ago i wanted to replicate it in a painting, na, too much of a mission, photo it is




looks more like industrial russia than the corner of pons and k rd


self portrait 2

Grey Lynn meanderings


it’s funny how lines line up with this thing totally by accident, go demi







handheld long exposure wastey waste, street chant at the kings arms


ah the ol ‘wasted and forgot to refocus for the second shot’ routine.. the demi has no visual focus through the viewfinder, it’s just a guestimate of distance, usually works ok, forgot in this instance tho…


animal on the drums ha

my fave to date

the whole picture, in preview

this worked a treat, visualisation with this camera is fun as